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Welcome to Kootenay Kaya online dispensary!

About Us

The word Kaya has many meanings and translations around the globe.  One of them was coined by the legendary Bob Marley (and the Jamaican people) as a slang term for Cannabis.  He was the OG defender of the herb and his lifestyle and many of his songs depict him as the ultimate advocate.  The roots are strong with Bobs ‘Kaya’, so strong that he named his 10th album Kaya!  Did you know that “I shot the sheriff”, one of his greatest hits describes the fate of a Kaya grower hunted by a fanatical law enforcer, Sheriff John Brown?  Check out the lyrics!

So what’s a Kootenay you ask?  Not a what, a WHERE!  BC has been world-renowned for our BC Bud for decades!  Our legacy growers have been perfecting their growing techniques and supplying the most potent Kaya for over 40 years!  There’s a reason the term BC Bud is spoken of so highly throughout the Cannabis world.  Well in the heart of that BC Bud movement is a small area with the cleanest, purest water flowing down from the mountains in the temperate rainforest.  The clean, fresh country air is so energizing and plants really thrive in this region because of it!  The Kootenay region has put BC Bud on the map and we continue to produce some of the best Kaya in the world!

So when you order weed delivery in B.C. or mail order weed in Canada or purchase your Cannabis flower or pre-rolls, edibles, or extracts from Kootenay Kaya, you know you’re getting the finest small-batch, craft cannabis in the country, straight from the Kootenays!
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Our Mission

cannabis craft buds in jar storage

Our mission at Kootenay Kaya is to provide customers with the best quality locally sourced cannabis from craft cannabis connoisseurs with the highest degree of customer service.  We’ve designed our website so you can easily order and we offer the fastest delivery and some of the best quality cannabis in Canada.  We have an intimate relationship with some of the best growers in Canada right here in the heart of BC, the Kootenays!

At Kootenay Kaya, we treat our valued customers with exceptional standards.  We know you work hard for your money and have chosen us to provide you your Cannabis products which are why we work just as hard to source only the finest flower, edibles, and extracts we can.  And because of our tight relationship with our growers, we are able to provide these amazing products to you at some of the best prices in the industry!  We make this a simple transaction and ship to you fast and discreetly.  We know you’ll be ecstatic with our mail order weed products and delivery service!

The Cannabis industry is ever-changing and sometimes hard to keep up with, which is why we provide a Facebook page and private group so we can take every opportunity to keep you informed with the latest changes, new products, and special offers.  Plus, it gives you a chance to discuss our products and how some of our clients use them. Contact us if you have any questions about Kootenay Kaya.
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