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Popular Types Of Cannabis Concentrates

If you haven’t heard, weed isn’t just for smoking. Cannabis comes in all shapes, sizes, flavours, fragrances, and states of matter. Concentrated extracts are a popular way to consume cannabis, but they can vary wildly too. Think you know your concentrates? Read on to discover 3 of the most popular forms of cannabis concentrate, what they’re used for, and if they may be a good fit for you.

What Is A Concentrate?


Simply, it’s a pure extract of cannabis. Most concentrates are subtypes of butane hash oil (BHO) and can be used recreationally or as treatment. The fundamental difference between them is their state; some BHO concentrates are glue-like or gooey, while others crumble like flour. The majority of these concentrates must be heated to activate their effects, but some can be absorbed into the bloodstream topically or through the mouth.




ConcentratesMade without additional solvents and retaining much of its natural flavouring, hash rosin is potent, fragrant, and beloved by many. It’s similar to tree sap in consistency and is extracted by meticulously applying heat and pressure to the flower and filtering it repeatedly through hair-thin holes. Rosin can be consumed by smoking, eaten after being incorporated into edibles, or dabbing – a process which requires specialized glass rigs to torch “dabs” of concentrate at incredibly high temperatures. Too much heat, though, and some of the potency could be lost; rosin in particular can fizzle out at around 600 degrees.




One of the most common concentrates available, cannabis oil delivers the health benefits of CBD with just a few drops under the tongue. It’s used to treat a range of symptoms by bringing the body to a state of internal balance, also called homeostasis. The benefits of CBD oil are numerous, not the least of which are its abilities to promote relaxation and ease muscle tension. The consistency of CBD oil is very, well, oily, but also tends to be somewhat grainy and comes with a light earthy aroma.




ConcentratesNamed for its delicate, glass-like consistency, shatter is a crowd-pleasing cannabis concentrate and a staple for dabbers. Pure shatter is bright honey-yellow in colour – the lighter, the better. It’s best enjoyed for its high THC levels, though CBD shatter is also popular. This concentrate yields long, strong highs if vaped or dabbed; consuming shatter unheated will not produce any significant results. Be incredibly careful when dealing with shatter as with all concentrates. Start with slow doses and always consult with experts before experimenting with your tolerance.

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