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New Brunswick

Weed Delivery in New Brunswick

New Brunswick is a gem of a province with numerous distinguishing features. In contrast to most other regions of Canada, only around half of the population lives in metropolitan areas. It is also, believe it or not, Canada’s only constitutionally bilingual province. About a third of the population speaks French, particularly those of Acadian descent.

They’ve also grown to appreciate cannabis since its legalisation. New Brunswick had the third-highest cannabis consumption rate in Canada in 2019, at 20% of the population. If you’re one of the many people who have discovered the joys of marijuana now that it’s legal, order it from Kootenay Kaya.

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New Brunswick’s cannabis culture is unique, with a combination of enthusiastic users and much more stringent rules. People’s houses are basically the only place where they can enjoy smoking or vaping. Why leave to get your favourite strains if you’re going to be smoking at home anyway? You can save time by obtaining marijuana from a mail-order marijuana (MOM) service online.
New Brunswickers would be wise to use an online mail-order service, as statistics shows that consumers in this province are accustomed to paying the highest per-gram price for recreational and medicinal cannabis of the ten provinces. Kootenay Kaya  gives you more options, allowing you to acquire more than simply cannabis at great prices.

Kootenay Kaya carries indica and hybrid craft cannabis. We deliver right to your door! Try our easy online ordering system and pay by e-transfer. We ship your package discretely and safely. For a millennia, people have called New Brunswick home. It is one of Canada’s three maritime provinces. Thousands of years have passed since indigenous peoples such as the Mi’kmaq, Maliseet, and Passamaquoddy resided in what is now New Brunswick. The French, English, and Scottish arrived with colonisation, and the area was one of the first European colonies. Loyalists, Acadians, and Francophones contributed to the province’s cultural diversity; overall, it’s a province rich in Indigenous and Canadian history. New Brunswick is known for its rivers, pine forests, and mountains, which are among the coolest natural features on the planet. The Bay of Fundy and Fundy National Park, for example, are known for their high tides and whale watching.

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