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Weed Delivery in Nunavut

Nunavut, Canada’s newest, largest, northernmost, and least densely populated territory, is the country’s newest, largest, northernmost, and least densely populated territory. Around 39,000 people reside in an area of nearly 2 million square kilometres, making it the world’s fifth-largest country subdivision. The Inuit style of life is ideally adapted to the changing natural circumstances of the Arctic’s varied locations. Of course, this implies that growing cannabis isn’t a natural hobby, nor is it a priority; instead, those who appreciate it frequently use mail-order pot businesses such as Kootenay Kaya!

The territory’s inhabitants, the Nunavummiut, have the lowest per-capita cannabis consumption in the country. They have also paid the highest per-gram costs in the past. Despite this, a government survey conducted prior to legalisation found that 75% of respondents supported the move. The territory government enacted the Cannabis Act and the Cannabis Statutes Amendment Act, allowing it to control cannabis usage, distribution, cultivation, and future regulations for building cannabis businesses and lounges. It also expands existing tobacco-smoking restrictions to include cannabis. However, before the federal government legalised cannabis in Canada, the territorial government didn’t have enough time to conclude planning for retail storefronts and suppliers. People here rely on cannabis transportation and postal orders, just like they do with many other things.

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In Nunavut, you must be 19 years old to purchase or possess cannabis. Smoking is permitted in a limited number of indoor and outdoor locations, the same as tobacco smoking and vaping. Those may indulge in private dwellings as long as the odours are not detectable by people in neighbouring residences.
Smoking is prohibited in apartment and condo common areas. Consumption is permitted in rentals unless the lease or property agreement prohibits it. In most restaurants, bars, hospitals, schools, child-care centres, sports facilities, or public places, smoking cannabis is prohibited, and you cannot smoke within three metres (about 10 feet) of their entrances and exits. Fines of $200 to $2,000 can be imposed for consumption in public. Kootenay Kaya can ship weed across Canada to all provinces and territories. 

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