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Weed Delivery in Ontario

Ontario, Canada’s fourth-largest province, is home to about 40% of the country’s population. It has always been a province with different identities, and it is currently a historical and culturally complex place. The locals are also big fans of marijuana. From October 2018 to September 2019, Ontario cannabis merchants led all provinces in weed sales, bringing in about $220 million! 

Unlike some other provinces, Ontario took a while to find its footing when it came to cannabis sales. It moved from a pre – assessment retail format to a hybrid model, enabling for the opening of the first wave of private retailers in April 2019. Because of Ontario’s sluggish start in legalising cannabis, most residents have gotten accustomed to buying their weed via mail order dispensaries. Kootenay Kaya, based in British Columbia, is one of the few companies that provides this service, as well as Canada-wide sales and a few local extras.   We also deliver weed by mail across Ontario and Canada. You can find craft cannabis, edibles, extracts, cbd, pet cbd, medical grade flower, sales, and more.

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To buy recreational cannabis, you must be 19 years old, the same age that you must be to buy cigarettes or alcohol in Ontario. Private residences, outdoor public places, designated smoking areas in hotels and motels, residential vehicles and boats, research labs and testing facilities, and other controlled and specifically designated consumption spaces are all legal under Ontario marijuana laws. Whether you’re looking for an Indica for stargazing in Muskoka or a little Sativa before a night out in Toronto, Kootenay Kaya has the right cannabis products for you! 

The province is noted for a variety of interesting sights and activities. You’ve probably heard of the C.N. Tower, Niagara Falls, and Parliament Hill, but there are a few more sights in Ontario, Canada, that are worth seeing. Check out Manitoulin Island, The Distillery District, Cottage Country, Tobermory, London, Ontario, and more! Visit the Ontario website to find attractions and things to do in Ontario.

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