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Prince Edward Island

Weed Delivery in Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island, located between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, is Canada’s smallest province. The environment is adorned with lighthouses, red and white sand beaches, beautiful rolling hills, pastoral farmlands, and seaside coves, and is made up of one major island and several smaller satellites. As you can see, Prince Edward Island is much more than potatoes and Anne of Green Gables (though those are pretty important things, too). It’s gone from being a difficult spot to find cannabis to having one of the country’s largest user bases!

On Prince Edward Island, the legal age to buy or possess cannabis is 19. In most public settings, smoking will be prohibited, while there may be some exceptions for areas in multi-unit and shared living spaces. The Smoke-Free Places Act, which places restrictions on where people can smoke any material, also applies.

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Following legalisation, PEI is now home to some of the country’s most ardent cannabis users. Given that P.E.I. didn’t re-enact alcohol sales during the Prohibition Era until 1949, twenty years after the rest of the country, it’s unexpected. However, attitudes shifted across North America, and new generations of Islanders sought out dispensaries – or underground providers – in neighbouring provinces. In 2016, P.E.I. launched its first medicinal marijuana dispensary, and now residents don’t have to go to the dark side to buy recreational marijuana.

Some towns, however, may find that physical shops are underserved in their province, and many are turning to mail-order marijuana (MOM) providers like Kootenay Kaya. After all, there were only four recreational cannabis stores open when it was legalised. The red sand and soil, an abundance of lighthouses, beautiful farmland, and a specific novel penned by Lucy Maud Montgomery are all highlights of P.E.I. life for anyone living on the mainland. While there is a lot of fantastic tradition associated with this, Islanders are well aware that the province is far more complicated!

Take, for example, Greenwich in P.E.I. National Park. The province’s largest dunes, a delicate ecosystem of white sand that is extremely rare in North America and well-protected area, may be found here. Visitors may explore portions of the 900-acres of dunes at their own speed thanks to a comprehensive trail system and a floating boardwalk!

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