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Weed Delivery For Vancouver & Kelowna, B.C.

Back in August 2021, the B.C. government gave dispensaries the green light to start delivering cannabis. What this means for you is that delivery is no longer just for pizza and Chinese food – now, you can get your weed conveniently delivered, too!

Just like pizza and small businesses, local is better when it comes to cannabis. You don’t have to turn to the mass-produced products and large-scale grow-ops for weed. B.C.’s best small-batch craft cannabis can be yours for a great price, and you don’t even have to leave your couch!

Where Can I Have My Weed Delivered?

We serve all of Vancouver and Kelowna with recreational and medicinal cannabis delivery through Xpress shipping. It doesn’t matter if you live in East, West, North, or South Vancouver; it could be Mount Pleasant, Chinatown, Kitsilano, Gastown, or Coal Harbour. If you’re in Kelowna, you could be downtown, in the south, Upper or Lower Mission, or Kettle Valley. You can get superior cannabis products no matter where you are in these cities – and through our mail order weed, across the country!

Browse our online menu and check out the wide selection of small-batch craft cannabis products in the country. When you order mail order weed or purchase your cannabis as pre-rolls, edibles, or extracts from Kootenay Kaya, you know you’re getting the finest small-batch, craft cannabis in the country, straight from the beautiful Kootenay region.

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Kootenay Kaya's Goal: Make B.C.'s Best Small-Batch Weed Available To More Consumers!

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Kootenay Kaya’s mission is to provide delivery and mail order weed for a range of craft cannabis. Why endure the sub-par corporate weed when small growers are doing such incredible work? We coordinate with many of B.C.’s world-class licensed producers to offer products to Canadians, all with expert curation, quality, and transparency.

Our province’s growing industry is known throughout the world for its quality, and we source our craft bud from the Kootenay region. Now, residents of Vancouver and Kelowna can get their hands on some of the best weed available anywhere, all sourced right from the heart of B.C.

Why Choose Kootenay Kaya For Your Weed Delivery?

Kootenay Kaya treats our valued delivery customers throughout Vancouver and Kelowna with exceptional customer service and high standards. We know all our customers work hard for their money; when you choose us, we want to work hard to provide you with the best cannabis products available.

We connect with the province’s best sources to help you get some of the finest flower, edibles, and extracts available. Because of our tight relationship with growers, we can provide top-quality products to you at some of the best prices possible!

You’ll find the Kootenay Kaya website makes it easy for you to order, whether it’s mail order weed or for weed delivery in Vancouver or Kelowna. We make this a simple transaction and deliver to you fast and discreetly. We offer the fastest delivery and some of Canada’s best small-batch craft cannabis.

On top of our quality delivery services, our team loves to over-serve and over-deliver. You might find your order could weigh a little “heavy,” and we love helping you get more out of Kootenay Kaya cannabis. We’ll even provide free samples of some of our new strains to solicit your valued feedback and let you try the flavours and effects of soon-to-be new favourites!

We don’t forget the customers relying on our mail order weed! We ship all our craft cannabis in discreet packaging according to federal laws. If something goes missing, we’ll help track it or replace your order so you can have confidence in ordering from Kootenay Kaya.

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