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Why Is Small-Batch Craft Cannabis Better?

cannabis craft buds in jar storage

Here at Kootenay Kaya, we pride ourselves on offering customers the best in small-batch craft cannabis. Like their brewery counterparts, craft cannabis producers are challenging the major players in Canada’s market. But why are so many consumers flocking to this kind of weed? What makes it so superior?

What Is Small-Batch Craft Cannabis?


CannabisWe can define “craft cannabis” as small-batch weed grown by smaller producers that use highly optimized growing techniques that are difficult to replicate at scale. It’s a unique cultivation type that relies on hands-on methods and finely-tuned nutrient monitoring to deliver a fresher product. It’s not too different from the craft beer or organic food movements sweeping the nation!

The producers of small-batch craft cannabis can give extra attention to growing practices, creating a premium bud that looks, tastes and smells better while carrying greater potency than the competition. As a result, consumers come to expect a higher quality from craft cannabis products. What’s behind the difference in the properties of this weed?


Why Is Small-Batch Craft Cannabis Better?


CannabisOne of the reasons more connoisseurs are choosing craft cannabis is that the producers can deliver a steady, high-quality product better than their major competitors. With their large-scale cultivation methods, big outfits simply cannot achieve the same level of consistency. 

Large companies focus on maximizing yield, whereas craft producers – working in smaller facilities with fewer plants – tend to focus on quality within their defined growth space. The tighter focus gives craft producers a better level of control over every parameter that influences cannabis growth. It ensures a more consistent final product than mass greenhouse operations. 

One example is how they trim the buds – doing this by hand rather than with an automated machine helps the budtender preserve precious trichomes, the frosty glands that cover cannabis buds. These crystalline hairs aren’t just for show – they are packed with terpenes (for taste and aroma) and cannabinoids (like THC, for the high). Cutting by hand is one of the best ways to protect them, but it’s impractical for large-scale grow-ops!

The quality extends to the health of the plant. Large growing spaces have a greater risk of infestation from insects, fungus, and other pests. Many big companies rely heavily on pesticides or product irradiation to control these problems; the residue from these chemicals can make it into the final dried and cured product. Small-batch growers can take more active, labour-intensive measures, such as organic pesticides, to keep their buds free of diseases. 

Kootenay Kaya has made it our mission to provide customers with the best weed from craft cannabis producers local to British Columbia. We have an intimate connection with some of the best growers in Canada right here in the heart of B.C., letting us provide a top-quality product to customers at great prices. Taste, smell, and experience the difference for yourself!


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